Anekdot S/S 2023

Client: Anekdot

Anekdot is a sustainable lingerie and swimwear brand from Berlin, led by Sofie Andersson.
To showcase their latest designs we’ve collaborated with Elisabeth S., mask maker and scenographer of the theatre collective Compania Sincara.

Her tactile, imaginative work perfectly transmits the essence and sensuality of Anekdot’s lingerie. Our documentary story takes the viewer on an inspiring journey that unveils the intricate artistry behind mask making, providing a unique glimpse behind the scenes of this enchanting world.

‘Masks liberate their wearers from their own self, transforming them into imaginative characters.’ 

– Elisabeth

Team Credits:

Produced by Lucky 7 Studio

Direction & Photography: Alina Cherubin

Direction & Videography: Lea Simon

Portrayed Artist: Elisabeth Schubert

Hair & Make-Up: Rafa Delgado

Photography Assistant: Isabel Spantzel