The Gentle Wine Campaign

The Gentle Wine is a beverage, with the taste of traditional wine but only six percent alcohol. At 6%, the Gentle Wine is first and foremost light. Therefore, it pairs perfectly with food without numbing the taste of the dishes through the alcohol. To leverage those values, we placed the product on fragile foods. While the usual wine would crush those edibles instantly, the Gentle Wine gently rests on them.

Wintery pastel shades get a fresh twist through cheerful yellow color accents. Textured paper and organic materials evoke cozy evenings with good food and wine.

We believe that the brands communication should be just as authentic as the taste of the Gentle Wine. Therefore, we invited potential consumers to discover the wine and its advantages. In those honest interviews we captured big emotions, small outtakes and spontaneous laughs.

Team Credits:


Produced by Lucky 7 Studio

Direction, Photography & Videography: Alina Cherubin

Direction: Lea Simon

Set Design: Nela Mie Cara

Photography Assistant: Vincenzo Stallone